Message from Chief Perkins

Our police department lobby is closed to walk-ins. Mondays-Fridays from 8a-12p and from 1p-5p, you can call and make an appointment if you are in need of a collilsion report or open records request or need to schedule an appointment with our detective or command staff. Our office telephone number is 361-449-3800.
Officers will still be on duty 24/7 to provide police services to the community. We will be taking some calls for service (minor not in progress calls such as thefts) by phone. When calling in to the sheriff’s department (after-hours or for emergencies) or office (non-emergency and during business hours), be sure to provide your name and telephone number and reason for call so the officer can determine if it can be handled by phone or with an actual response to the location. Collisions, in progress calls (disturbances/assaults/suspicious persons) will still have an officer responding to the scene.
If an officer goes to the scene, you may feel that officer is not being friendly because we did not hand shake or distance is established. Rest assured it is not because of that. I have instructed the officers to maintain a distance and minimize hand contact, not only for officer safety purposes, but again to do our part. Hopefully we can go back to normal operations soon but until then practice good hygiene (wash those hands as we should be doing even before this pandemic) and be positive. Do not hoard items at the grocery store. There is plenty to go around as long as courtesy is practiced.
Small towns are known for having good manners and courtesy and George West is certainly no different. Let’s continue to show that!
Chief Perkins