Section 3.01. – Number, election and term.

(a) The legislative and governing body of the City shall consist of four (4) members and a mayor and
shall be known as the “city council of the City of George West, Texas.” The city council members shall be elected on the date and in the manner prescribed by state law.

(b) The mayor and all council members shall be elected from the city at large, and each council member shall occupy a position on the council, such positions being numbered one (l) through four (4) consecutively. The mayor and council members shall be elected in the manner provided in article IV of this Charter to serve two (2 ) year terms.

George West City Council

Andrew Garza, Mayor – Term expires May 2023

Tim Humphrey, Place One – Term expires May 2022

Jearl Rannefeld, Place Two – Term expires May 2023

Patricia Clifton, Place Three – Term expires May 2022

John Walker, Place Four – Term expires May 2023

Application for City Council

Texas Ethics Commission

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