George West Police Department

The police department hours are from 8a-noon and 1p-5p. I want to let citizens know there are days and times in which there is no one in the office. We are a small agency and officers, including the chief of police, may be out on patrol or taking calls. The administrative assistant may or may not be in the office as well due to being off that day or out of the office conducting office business at city hall or elsewhere. Because of this, the door to the PD may be locked. If the administrative assistant is out for the day, the door stays locked the whole day because I do not want to unlock the door and then forget to lock it when I have to leave! Now that would be embarrassing as well as a safety issue! Because I am human with human fallacies, leaving the door locked is the best way to operate in the above mentioned circumstances and eliminates the margin of error.

If you come to the police department, try knocking on the door. If no one answers, go to city hall next door and they will call for an officer. You can also call 361-449-3800 (PD office number) before going to the PD to make sure someone will be available upon your arrival. If you need an officer dispatched to your location, call the sheriff’s dept at 361-449-2271 or, if an emergency, 911.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Chief David Perkins