Open Records Request

Public Records

The City Secretary’s Office is responsible for public records and other information, including all resolutions and ordinances that are adopted by the City Council. Public records and other information can be requested from the City Secretary’s Office by submitting the Open Records Request Form.


The “Open Records Request Form” must be filled out each time a request is made

  • Click on the “Open Records Request Form” above and print form.
  • Complete “Requester Name” Date, Address, and phone
  • Enter the information regarding the “Records Requested”
    *Please be advised that no records are created to fulfill a request*
    *Please be clear and specific when making a request*

Return completed forms to George West City Hall at 406 Nueces St , George West Texas 78022 or Mail to City of George West, 406 Nueces St , George West Texas 78022 or Fax forms to 361-449-3030.

For more information, please contact the City Secretary’s Office at (361) 449-1556.